I love me... who do you love? ;-) Get ready for some pampering and enjoy the ride...

Ladies and gentlemen the tanning days are over.  Unfortunately we are almost at the doorstep of winter. Summer is almost gone. Our body skin needs to get in the recovery mode from all the exposure in the sun and the toxins. Get ready for some pampering and enjoy the ride…
•    Remove from your body the dead skin cells by exfoliating with body scrub and creating the softest skin ever. After shower use daily a body cream Visit your beautician for a professional body scrub for immediate and intense results. 
•    Rejuvenate your hair. Apply a hair mask  twice a week. The oil used  on a daily basis will give your hair the hydration, softness, shininess it deserves. A visit to your hairdressing salon is in order for trimming  coloring and why not  hair treatment in general.
•    Look after those hands and feet. Cut those nails! Visit your beautician for a proper manicure and pedicure and remember to use daily a foot rasp  at home and cuticle oil for proper hydration.   Apply to dry elbows and upper lips especially to smokers for prevention of wrinkles. 
Stay tuned for more beauty tips soon…

By Melina S. Menelaou


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