Is Nail Art a must?

Often enough I’ve been asked questions concerning nail art.

Is nail art a must? Is it something that the everyday woman should be engaged with? 

Is it necessary like facial or waxing or just a trend?

Art is transformation. A form of creation and expression.
 It’s the expression of one’s mind and soul. It is creating a different “I” and seeing “one self” in all possible angles. 

Art states the mood we are in or where we would like to be.  It could be blue, happy, sometimes mysterious, adventurous and sometimes playful or sexy.
It’s uplifting and most certainly it says a lot about the woman’s personality. In a sense it’s experimenting. 

Whether we talk about long, short nails, rounded, oval, stiletto nails, with design, with embellishments, gel or acrylic, soak off it doesn’t really matter.  It could be anything you want it to be as long as it comes with a touch of style, class and the current fashion trends in mind. 

The decision is yours really but there’s a lot to be missed buy not give in it a go.

Melina S. Menelaou
Marketing Manager 



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