Welcome to Socrates Menelaou Ltd

Socrates Menelaou Ltd is a family owned company. Established in 1975 by its founder Socrates Menelaou the company has mainly focused in creating alliances with leading international brands in the fields of Beauty and Hair Industry. In doing so it gained expertise in areas related to professional nail care, nail enhancement, hair care and related furniture and equipment.

Our aim is to deliver quality products with endless possibilities for creating the perfect service for your salon and customer. Furthermore, our goal is to constantly be informed of the latest international fashion trends & techniques in the Beauty and Hair industry and advance in education & training. We believe and invest in education. First educating ourselves and then transferring the knowledge and know-how to you to became an expert in your field and achieve the perfect results that would make you proud of. 

Stay close! Keep visiting and we will keep on updating you on interesting and exciting news & products.